Aesthetic physiotherapy treatments after LIPOSUCTION and fighting LIPODEMIA

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LIPODEMIA CHOROBA GRUBYCH NÓGThe fight against lipoedema is often uneven. Many women, losing it, camouflage themselves in the privacy of their home and plunge into their own powerlessness.

I want to present you a few possibilities and help you fight this disease.

In the previous article on this disease you will find briefly all the necessary information about lipoedema as well as liposuction itself.

I decided to share my knowledge and experience with you because I know that the amount of information on the Internet on this subject is limited.

Working for 5 years with women who struggled to a varying degree with this disease, or simply obesity, I have developed my effective methods of fighting adipose tissue.

In today’s article, I want to introduce you to the treatments that I perform in my office and trust them, and when used at the right time, they bring fantastic results in preparing the body for liposuction, after liposuction, as well as in the fight against lipoedema.

I hold the theory that a machine would be gold, in the hands of the wrong person there is little that it can do. We need to know that the body, especially the woman’s body (due to hormones, pregnancy or menopause), changes throughout her life, so you should be able to choose the right treatments at every stage of your life. That is why I believe that manual work produces great results if we know physiology, anatomy and even psychology. Because the body is one.


1. Manual lymphatic drainage

It is a treatment that resembles a gentle massage, but does not cause hyperemia and is performed in the direction of lymph flow. It is used in acute and chronic conditions. If skillfully made, it gives very good therapeutic effects. Drainage gives us a positive effect on the body by:

– stimulation of venous and lymphatic flow, which leads to an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to organs,

– faster removal of metabolic products, elimination of stagnation symptoms, absorption of edema and absorption of adhesions,

– reducing artery flow resistance, which makes the heart work easier,

– widening of blood and lymph vessels leading to faster blood circulation .


Moreover, drainage nourishes and oxygenates the body. Perfect for fighting heavy legs. After the procedure, the patient feels light, relaxed and revitalized. You can also see weight loss. Due to better blood supply, the limbs become warmer and the skin oxygenated and better nourished.


2. Manual massages and therapies, myofascial relaxation, visceral therapy.

– Myofascial techniques

They are one of the most effective therapeutic methods in manual medicine. They focus on working with the myofascial system. These techniques improve the internal mobility of soft tissues, especially the fascia. Living tissue has an internal ability to move as a result of the rhythmic changes in muscle tone and internal body rhythms.

By performing appropriate manual work, we are able to have a holistic impact on the body, taking into account all possible aspects that support the body’s self-healing processes.



– Visceral therapy

The main goal of visceral therapy is to restore the proper tension, flexibility and movements of
internal organs .

VISCERAL THERAPY The main goal of visceral therapy is to restore the proper tension, flexibility and movement of internal organs. Visceral massage involves working with the internal organs

Visceral massage involves working with internal organs, especially the abdominal organs. In visceral therapy, a specialized abdominal massage enables simultaneous work with all organs in our body.

It works very well in preparatory therapy for liposuction, giving the effect of relaxing the body, at the same time removing increased pressure in the abdominal cavity or removing deposits caused by, for example, an inadequate diet or constipation tendencies, which may disturb the proper functioning of the body.

We must remember that any stagnation or inflammation in our body can cause complications in the rapid healing of the body as well as its proper functioning.



3. BOA pneumatic cuff lymphatic drainage

In treatments, I use it as an addition to combined therapy or later as a procedure that maintains the effects of our work.

The drainage treatment restores the water and electrolyte balance in the intercellular spaces and prevents the accumulation of deposits. It forces the drainage of lymph and with it the waste products. They are transported to the filtering organs and then excreted in the urine. Therefore, after the procedure, you feel an increased urge to urinate.

The most important aesthetic indications include:

– cellulite,

– prevention of varicose veins,

– fat swelling,

– heavy legs syndrome,

– detoxification,

– improvement of skin nourishment,

– detoxification,

– care after liposuction.


The apparatus I use at work has 24 chambers and is the best drainage available on the market. Typical operating parameters for this procedure are: cavitation lipolysis and the most important typical drainage by the Vodder MLD method – Manual Lymph Drainage.


4. Thermolifting Tr -beauty

Within the body, TR-BEAUTY gives spectacular effects in non-invasive body contouring thanks to the influence on visceral fat. Treatments with the use of radio waves give us a whole range of possibilities, from working with:

– swelling,

– adhesions,

– scars,

– unevenness after liposuction,

– firming tissues,

– additionally improving the fibrous functions of tissues – reducing joint stiffness and pain.


Shock wave effect after 6 treatments

Radio waves directly affect collagen fibers, causing them to shorten and thicken, giving a firming effect. They also stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen, thus thickening the skin structure.


The main indications for the procedure:

– body slimming,

– cellulite reduction,

– skin firming,

– reduction of wrinkles,

– contouring the figure,

– firming the breasts,

– reduction of sagging skin,

– before and after surgeries,

– drainage,

– acceleration of convalescence.


In addition, the treatment is pleasant to feel, gives relief and deep relaxation.



5. X – Wave shock wave 

The therapy uses acoustic sound waves generated inside the handle and gently transferred to the parts of the body covered by the treatment. The energy generated by the projectile is transferred to the tissues under great force. As a result of micro-strokes, fat cells are shocked, their walls begin to break down, and fat cells turn into free fatty acids, which are removed from the body thanks to the liver and kidneys.

What results are we getting?tr beauty effect after 6 treatments

– firming sagging skin,

– reduction of “dimples” and inequalities,

– improvement of skin tone,

– cellulite removal,

– reduction of fatty edema,

– shallowing of scars,

– regeneration of the local nervous system,

– loosening tight tissue,

– production of new collagen fibers and elastin.


In my professional career, I have worked on various technologies. When opening my office, I chose one of the most effective devices to be able to help my patients at the highest level.


I invite you to a consultation

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